Our Shop

Shopping at Leichle…

…is possible. Again and again I am asked by pupils and clients where I can buy this or that. It is particularly sensible that when a horse is sold, appropriate equipment should continue to be used by its new owner. Or sometimes a client might like the blankets and halters we use.

This has inspired me to ask my supplier to make available a selection of products from their collection right here on site. So now we have a shop – though not really a business establishment. Whenever we have courses and clinics we keep the space open, and we open it up if clients ask to have a look. A great experience: Our Christmas auction in aid of the RSH campaign “Carsten Köthe hilft helfen” raised more than 1000 euros! This has both amazed and motivated me. We’d like to do similar things in the future! Please do ask if you need or want any equipment