Our complex

Leichle Stables

Others go there on holiday, but Mike Patrick Leichle calls Angeln in Schleswig-Holstein home. His estate in Scharup-Thumby near the east coast was built in 1918 in the typical north-German style, and it is both home and workplace for people and animals alike…

The stables were built in the year 2000, in accordance with the principles of proper horse rearing, and include:

+ 16 boxes in the main stables
+ 6 guest boxes in a separate stable wing
+ Utility rooms, washing areas, tack rooms and solariums
+ Riding hall flooded with light (25 x 60 metres)
+ Outdoor area on sand (60 x 80 metres)
+ Covered horse walker
+ Treadmill
+ Paddocks
+ Arable areas for grazing and fodder production

Service & Performance

Leichle Stables is a place of training for horses and riders. We work on an individual basis with each individual candidate – whether they are people or horses. Goal-oriented work with a great deal of variety defines the daily activities.

+ Both long-term training of horses and riders and temporary training camps are possible.
We will support you in your search for the right horse.
We will manage the training of your horse and its presentation at tournaments.
We focus on the accurate marketing of sport horses.
+ Breeding and rearing of sport horses.
+ We offer regular training courses both within Germany and abroad.
+ Leichle Stables is an official base for training in the area.